Farnaz Damnabi

Artist biography

Farnaz Damnabi
1994, Born in Tehran, Iran

2023. Master of Art in Photography, Tehran University of art  

Group Exhibition:
2021. Women street photographers، Tabasco, Mexico
2020. Women street photographers, New York, USA
2020. Gaf Gallery, Hanover, Germany
2020. Unpublished photo, Lugano, Switzerland
2020. Affinities Selectives, Space L gallery, Geneva, Switzerland
2020. Women street photographers, Trieste, Italy
2020. Women street photographers, Chelyabinsk, Russia
2019. Women street photographers, New York, USA
2019. I have a dream, Thessaloniki, Greece
2019. Rope Street, Brașov, Romania
2019. Iran in parallel stories, Edinburgh, Scotland  

2021. Women street photographers, Prestel publishing. USA
2020. Generation book, Italy  

Special achievement:
2020. Being in the permanent heritage of MUSEC museum, Switzerland

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