Fine art photos for companies

Cultural and psychological studies show that using artworks in workplaces (i.e., offices, companies etc.) has a remarkable and positive impact on employees, staff and even clients. The inspiring, enriched, and beautiful atmosphere not only reflects the cultural and artistic tendencies of the managers, but also creates a space full of energy and motivation for everyone.
To improve and renovate their interior decor, Cadre gallery is ready to cooperate with companies and institutes interested in designing, consulting and implementation.

In addition to the previously stated points, the gallery is prepared to accept other projects for institutes, companies etc. Some examples include:
– Giving them the opportunity to get in touch with the artists they want for their proposed project (i.e., preparing a collection of photos of a place of your choice)
– Getting your requested projects done by and artist of our choice.

Everything is possible

Other than giving guidance and selling art pieces for your offices, Cadre gallery can get various other projects done for you such as:
– Taking an artistic photograph of a specific place
– Holding an exhibition in Iran
Holding an exhibition with a specific topic abroad
– Holding an exhibition for an artist’s abroad