privacy policy

Being an online bilingual gallery, which sells fine art photographs, Cadre gallery only offers services on the gallery’s website ( and application.
Cadre gallery can collect the following information about its audience

with registration, the personal information you give us will be saved and kept in our data depository.

Art lovers:
as an art lover, with registration, your personal information (i.e., email, name, surname etc.) will be given to us and they will be saved in our data depository. Also, none of your personal data (i.e., address, credit cards number etc.) will be saved during shopping and financial transactions.
Upon art lover’s registration, Cadre gallery gives you a password. It is your responsibility to maintain it. In case of forgetting the password, it is possible for you to change it via email address while logging in.
The gallery uses your email to identify or communicate with you. We also send some of our new contents to your email.