For Art lovers

Cadre gallery is a professional online platform intended for exhibiting art of photography and photographs of Iranian artists. This platform is managed by photographers and web professionals.
Cadre gallery is an art center presenting and selling artists’ works in domestic and international markets. Those who are interested in purchasing fine art photographs can do so, directly and without the usual formalities. Our gallery guaranties the authenticity of artworks and delivers them to you along with their certificate.
Cadre gallery introduces you to the artists and their latest art pieces. It gives you the prospect to witness and follow their working process and provides you with an opportunity to purchase their work.
With the intention of raising awareness in abstract discussions, Cadre gallery offers a professional magazine about photography for free. Our magazine includes texts, videos and podcasts related to historical, educational, and other topics in photography with a new approach and with using experts’ opinions which gets updated weekly.

With creating a profile on the website you’re able to:

– Save your favorite photos
– Follow your favorite artists
– Save the articles, podcasts and videos that you’re interested in
– Get informed of the latest news about photography and photographers
– State your opinion about artworks as well as our magazine

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