For the Artists

– Cadre Gallery is an online photography gallery in Iran which is aiming to create a link between photographers and people.
– Cadre Gallery has been established in Iran with the purpose of presenting fine art photography with an appealing and professional approach.
– Cadre gallery gives artists the opportunity to exhibit their artworks for sale. It is a bridge connecting the buyers to moral owner of the photographs.
– With an suitable SEO capability, Cadre gallery has an ideal situation in all search engines.
– Cadre gallery is a pioneer in presenting photographers’ contemporary pieces, reflecting the current events in Iran.
– Cadre gallery presents complete certification for artworks and artists, giving the buyers and collectors the opportunity to have an accurate recognition for the art pieces.
– In addition to giving the buyers and collectors a platform, Cadre gallery is an educational center with various theoretical and informative topics featuring an easy searching ability.

Features of our website:

– Global domain
– Personal profile
– Selling artists pieces in its personal shop

Sample profile of Artists