How We Work

To join Cadre gallery
– Please complete and submit the required form in the interview section first.
– Your interview will be reviewed by the website’s council, and you’ll be informed within a month.
– Following the confirmation of your eligibility, a webpage will be designed and given to you.
– Please add your biography, resume, website, and social media accounts to your profile
– Add your works and their statements to your profile
– You will decide which pieces to include in your online sale profile. The pieces shall comply with the rules and regulations of society.
– You can upload update your professional status on your personal webpage and add any additional information as needed.
– Translating all the content on your profile to English is mandatory ( artists may ask for help and consolation from the website’s editor team).
– To simplify searching for the audience and creating a stronger profile, write the narrative behind each art piece you’re presenting. The gallery’s strategy and goal      are for the artworks to be noticed online.
– The artist is obliged to update the number and editions of their pieces.
– By registering and creating an online profile, you will experience what we have to offer. We are eager to have you joined the Cadre Gallery

Requirements for joining Cadre

– Interview
– Creating a profile
– Submitting your CV
– Uploading photo collections along with their statements in your web store
– Translating all your information to English