Solo Photo Exhibition


By Hossein Dehghanian
June 10, 2023

“Hope” promises to improve conditions in the future. Fear of the future and lack of trust in the improvement of conditions is one of the problems of my generation. Individuals who are forgetting their ideals and confused with their lives.
In my complex society, many people encounter obstacles that can postpone the achievement of their dreams. These problems can include lack of financial resources, deficiency of access to education and job opportunities, social and political discrimination, and other restrictions.
In the collection “Hope”, I tried to address the sufferings and anxieties that exist in our lives. By narrating the stories of the people encountering in this way, I tried to tell my own story from their perspective while hiding behind the camera. By arranging the photos together, I form a circle of stories that ultimately quotes my words.
This collection consists of 13 photos that started in 2018 and continued until 2023 and were captured in various cities across Iran.

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